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She played the mother-in-law in “Honey Years”.  Few people know that Marta Lipiñska’s daughter-in-law is a famous actress

She played the mother-in-law in “Honey Years”. Few people know that Marta Lipiñska’s daughter-in-law is a famous actress

The world is not as big as we sometimes think. Few people realize that Marta Lipiñska has family ties with another, currently sought-after actress. The daughter-in-law of the TV series’ mother-in-law from “The Honey Years” plays in the biggest cinema hits.

Younger viewers probably associate Marta Lipińska, now 84, with her role in the beloved series “Miodowe lata”. The actress perfectly played the irritating mother-in-law alongside Cezary Żak and Agnieszka Pilaszewska. Her quarrels with the series’ Karol and numerous sharp retorts are forever remembered by fans.

Marta Lipińska belongs to an acting family. She has a famous husband and son

However, Lipińska has also created a number of other creations, including theater ones. Since 1962, he has been collaborating with the Contemporary Theater in Warsaw. The actress gained popularity thanks to the radio series “I love you, Mr. Sułku”, where she played the role of Mrs. Eliza.

In 1977, she played Helena Stawska in the series “Lalka”, then she joined the cast of “Przymyśla” and “Nad Niemnem”. After appearing in “The Honey Years”, she took on further expressive roles in TV series. In “Rancz” she played Michałowa, the priest’s housekeeper, and in “Girls from Lviv” she played Zofia Nowakowa.

Unlike the Damięcki or Królikowski acting families, the subject of Lipińska’s relatives is not so obvious, although they are also related to cinema. The actress’s first husband, Krzysztof Winiewicz, was a cameraman, and her current husband is an actor and director. With Maciej Englert, the artist had a daughter, Anna, who became a costume designer, and a son, Michał, a cinematographer.

Few people know who Lipińska’s “daughter-in-law” is. She is a sought-after actress today

It was thanks to Michał Englert that the now sought-after actress and activist, Maja Ostaszewska, appeared in the Lipińska family. Lipińska’s son has been associated with the star of “Green Border” and “In-Laws” for many years. Although the couple has not decided to formalize the relationship, they have two children, and the length of the relationship certainly allows for the shortcut to call Ostaszewska the “daughter-in-law” of the partner’s mother.

Englert’s previous wife was director Małgorzata Szumowska. The close family of stars also includes Jan Englert, Beata Ścibakówna and their daughter, a rising star known from “Pokusa” and “#BringBackAlice” – Helena Englert.

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