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They confirm a fine against Claro for more than S/1 million 730,000

They confirm a fine against Claro for more than S/1 million 730,000

In 2022, Claro failed to install a measurement tool provided by Osiptel in its user management application “Mi Claro”, and to send information regarding the number of smartphones that have the application installed.

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The Supervisory Body for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) declared unfounded an appeal filed by the company América Móvil Perú SAC, which operates commercially as Claro in our country, for a fine of S/1 million 732,500 (350 UIT of 2023) .

What happened? Through Resolution No. 602-2022- DFI/OSIPTEL, notified in November 2022, a precautionary measure was imposed on Claro so that it complies with the installation of the measurement tool (Mobile SDK) in its management application. of “Mi Claro” users, and with sending information regarding the number of smartphones that have the “Mi Claro” user management application installed.

As recalled, Osiptel launched a new mobile application through which users will find useful information and can make inquiries about public telecommunications services. The app unifies the various computer tools on a single platform.

However, according to the conclusions of Supervision Report No. 012-DFI/SDF/202332, the operating company had failed to comply with said measure.

In this way, Board of Directors Resolution No. 00048-2024-CD/OSIPTEL, published this month of February 2024, ratifies the fine of 350 UIT that was imposed in October 2023 on Claro, through Resolution No. 361-2023- GG/OSIPTEL, after not correcting the corrective observations made to the company.

The resolution, which exhausts the administrative route – with no appeal proceeding in this route – is signed by Rafael Eduardo Muente Schwarz, head of Osiptel.


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