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Cold or warm – what kind of water do you pour into the kettle?  One choice is limescale and bacteria in a package

Cold or warm – what kind of water do you pour into the kettle? One choice is limescale and bacteria in a package

We pour water into the kettle several times a day. We do it instinctively when we feel like drinking coffee or tea. We don’t wonder whether it is hot or cold. Although it may seem like a trivial thing, water temperature is actually very important.

Many of us cannot imagine a day without coffee or tea. We drink it, take it with us to work or relax in the evening with a good book. Boiling water in a kettle is theoretically a very simple operation. In practice, it’s easy to make a mistake that will make your drink not taste as good as you would like.

What kind of water is poured into the kettle? People choose the wrong temperature en masse

Poles are divided into two groups: those who have an electric kettle and those who remain faithful to the gas appliance. Regardless of which option you use, the water poured into the kettle should be at the same temperature. Many people pour warm water into the device because they think it will boil faster.

Unfortunately, this is not good practice. – Hot water is used for hygienic and sanitary purposes, while cold water is used for food purposes – Dr. Bo┼╝ena Krogulska from the National Institute of Public Health. According to the expert, a better choice is to pour cold water into the kettle. Warm water contains more bacteria and sediment, which affects the taste. When drinking tea or coffee, you may experience an unpleasant aftertaste.

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Does cold water boil faster? You can save a lot

Cold water is cleaner, but that’s not the only reason why you should pour it into the kettle. Contrary to appearances, cold water boils faster than warm water. Even if you cool it in the fridge first, it will still reach boiling point faster. The difference is minimal, but in a few months you will feel it in the amount of your electricity bills. Using cold water also extends the life of the device. Regularly pouring hot water causes scale to build up in the kettle. This means that you have to clean it often, and if you neglect it, the equipment will only be suitable for throwing away.

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