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Before you go to bed, put a coin on the doorknob.  You will sleep soundly

Before you go to bed, put a coin on the doorknob. You will sleep soundly

Breaking into a hotel room while you are sleeping is the worst-case scenario for every traveler. It turns out that this inconspicuous thing can increase our safety and become an additional “alarm system”.

Many people wonder how to protect themselves against burglaries, which, despite increased security measures, still occur, especially in hotels. Natalia Berestovskaia, who operates on Instagram under the pseudonym, presented her methods for getting a good night’s sleep and quickly verifying whether a burglar has not tampered with the door.

How can a coin on a doorknob become an alarm system? This way you will go to sleep peacefully

There is a simple way to use coins while traveling that will make you feel safe. All you need to do is place a coin on your rental property or apartment before going to bed. Not only will you notice in the morning if someone tried to break in at night, but you can also thwart the thieves’ plans.

In response to a question from one of the Internet users, the originator explained the benefits of placing a coin on a doorknob.

If someone is trying to get in and the door handle moves, a coin will fall, making a noise and alerting you that someone is trying to get in.

Moreover, she also presented a number of other methods to increase safety during your stay, e.g. in a hotel. This includes: covering the peephole with a plaster to prevent intruders from checking if someone is on the other side of the door.

How to protect yourself against burglary? Simple actions will help protect against burglars

Few people know that there are probably ways to use aluminum foil to ensure additional safety. This trick will work not only in an apartment, but also while traveling, when we stay in a hotel or apartment for rent. Just before going to bed, wrap the front door handle in aluminum foil so that it fits snugly. According to the website, if you notice that it is loose or damaged the next day, it will be a clear sign that someone tried to enter the apartment at night. Thanks to this, we will be especially vigilant the next night.

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