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Why are the boxes square when the pizza is round?  There are many theories, but only one answer

Why are the boxes square when the pizza is round? There are many theories, but only one answer

It would seem logical that since the pizza is round, the cartons should have the same shape, but this is not the case. Why? We explain why pizza is sold in square packages.

it is one of the most popular dishes of Italian cuisine. Everyone loves it and it can be served in many ways. However, many people wonder why the packages are square when the pizza is round? We check where the round shape of pizza comes from, why it is not baked in a square and where the idea to serve them in the form of triangles came from.

Why is pizza round? The Italians deliberately made their job easier

If we make pizza ourselves at home, we can give it any shape, but when we order it in a restaurant, it is usually round. Why? The Italians believed that preparing food should be quick and simple. they knead it with their hands, stretch it and do not roll it out, so forming a round shape is much easier and takes less time. Sharing the pizza is also important. It’s easier to cut it into equal parts than if it were square.

Why are pizza boxes square and not round? The answer is prosaic

There are plenty of theories on the Internet about why pizza boxes have the shape they do. However, the answer is very simple. In this case, economy and functionality are of great importance.

On the FactBuddy21 TikTok channel we can learn that in the past some pizzerias tried to create a round box, but they failed. Why? Well, it turns out that the main factor is production costs. Producing a square package is cheaper than a round one because you need one piece of cardboard, not several, as in the case of an oval shape. It is also important that square boxes are easier to transport and more convenient to reach for another piece, and when laid flat they take up less space. They are also easier for pizzeria workers to assemble.

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