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All movie trailers from Super Bowl 2024. “Deadpool 3”, the new “Planet of the Apes”

All movie trailers from Super Bowl 2024. “Deadpool 3”, the new “Planet of the Apes”

The Super Bowl may be primarily a sporting event, but movie fans around the world wait for this evening for a different reason. These are, of course, trailers of upcoming productions. Some of them – like the announcements for the movie “Deadpool 3” – we have been expecting for a long time. And here they are finally.

The Super Bowl has transcended the boundaries of sports for years. It’s not only an American football match, but also a concert of a world-famous star, the best commercials in the world and movie trailers awaited for months. What’s shown this year? Get ready for a lot of good things.

Super Bowl 2024. All movie trailers

“Deadpool and Wolverine”

One of the most anticipated trailers was naturally the one regarding the third installment of “Deadpool”. So far, the production has only a few photos from the set, with nothing specific visible. The aroused expectations had to be kept in check until the night from Sunday to Monday. Deadpool is back, and by his side is none other than Wolverine. The premiere is in July – then Marvel’s Messiah, Jesus will appear on cinema screens.

“The FallGuy”

For the second leg of explosive comedies, we get “The Fall Guy” directed by David Leitch, who brought us “Deadpool 2” a few years ago. The main role is played by the most beautiful face of Hollywood, Ryan Gosling, playing the role of a stuntman. Together with Emily Blunt, they are looking for the missing lead actor in the film in which he was hired. Of course, there will be intrigue thicker than blood in the background. “The Fall Guy” will be released in cinemas in May.

“The Wicked”

Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo meet in the Wizard of Oz land. We will find out where Glinda the Good Witch of the South and Elphaba the Wicked Witch came from. Disney will show its film in November.

“Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes”

The next part of the Planet of the Apes series will bring us a new version of the conflict between wise primates and the remains of humans. The main role is played by Freya Allan, known to all of us, Ciri from the TV series “The Witcher”. The monkeys, led by Proximus Caesar, will try to take over, understand and restart human technologies that have been forgotten for hundreds of years. The trailer also includes the obligatory slogan: “monkeys are strong together.” Premiere – March.


Not one, but two tornadoes. The 1996 hit will get a modernized remake. The plot is similar, except that instead of one Mighty Tornado we will get two. In the background, of course, love, danger and the wild element. The question remains unanswered whether the tornadoes will carry away at least one cow (the scene with the cow – we remember). Premiere in July.

“A Quiet Place: Day One”

In June, the prequel to “A Quiet Place” and “A Quiet Place 2” will appear in cinemas. The horror will be bloody, terrifying and appropriately traumatic – something for fans of action and gut-busting. This time, Lupita Nyong’o plays the main role.

“Kung Fu Panda 4”

The vacuum left by the previous parts of Kung Fu Panda could only be replaced by the fourth installment of the hit. Po is to train a new apprentice who will take his place as the Dragon Warrior. Of course, the evil witch who wants the Rod of Wisdom will interfere. The premiere is coming soon, in March.

“Gru and the Minions: Undercover”

2024 is clearly the year of fourth installments in animation. In addition to the fourth “Kung Fu Panda”, we will also get the fourth “Minions”. Gru’s family is in danger. The Minions will have to save their master, defeat the worst evil and break whatever they can. It may be a rehash, but we’ll all go to the cinema to see it in July.


“If” or “Fantastic Beings” is another proposition for kids presented at this year’s Super Bowl. We will learn what the world of imaginary friends is like thanks to the girl who sees them all. Premiere in May.


“Imaginary” is an alternative to “If”, but even though it has a teddy bear in the main role, don’t take your children to see it. The teddy bear will be more of the bloodthirsty type and will also be an “imaginary friend”, only one with bad intentions. After all, someone left him years ago and forgot about him – anyone would be willing to kill in that situation. Premiere in March.

“Inside Out 2”

Let’s move forward a bit. Riley is already a teenager, and there is a lot of uncertainty in her head that Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy and Disgust will now have to somehow come to terms with. And since being a teenager or teenager is, to put it mildly, difficult, Riley will experience a real storm of emotions, which, of course, we will see on screen. The premiere will be soon, before the holidays.

“Bob Marley: One Love”

Bob Marley will have a biographical film on the scale of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “A Star Is Born” or “Elvis”. We will see the king of reggae in cinemas soon, on February 16.

“Monkey Man”

This is not a response to “Planet of the Apes”, but a combination of “John Wick” with “Ip Man” and “Unleashed” with Jet Li. An oppressed young man finds a way to take revenge, avenge his mother and free people from oppression. A lot of blood will be spilled, a lot of bad guys will die in very creative ways, and Monkey Man will emerge victorious, of course. Premiere in April.

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