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Polish reality show for Netflix is ​​conquering Europe.  Is there a reason to be proud?  “He makes water out of your brain”

Polish reality show for Netflix is ​​conquering Europe. Is there a reason to be proud? “He makes water out of your brain”

“Love Never Lies: Poland” has a second season, which premiered on Netflix a few days ago. And although the reviews are not amazing, the production was on the podium of the TOP10 most popular among viewers in Poland. Now it turned out that it is also a hit in other European countries.

It has long been known that dating sites are particularly popular. Although Netflix offers several formats of this type, the undisputed favorite of viewers remains the production of “Love is Blind”, which has had as many as six seasons and versions in many countries around the world. And although Poland is not included in this group, it has an equally strong rival in its offer.

“Love Never Lies” season 2. The participants have quite a challenge. What reward awaits those who persevere?

Of course, we are talking about Maja Bohosiewicz as a hostess, which is so far the only Polish reality show on Netflix’s offer. The first season premiered in January 2023 and instantly became a hit, attracting a million viewers. Almost immediately, the decision was made to produce another series, which debuted in the platform’s library less than a year later, on February 7, 2024.

The participants of the program are six couples who land on one of the Greek islands to spend a paradise vacation there. However, it is not as rosy as it might seem, because throughout their stay their feelings for each other are put to the test. They are subjected to various tests and experiments, including: a lie detector test, which is designed to verify their loyalty to their partner. Each lie carries a severe penalty, while the truth carries a financial reward.

“Love Never Lies: Poland” conquers Europe. In which countries is reality TV a hit?

Just a few days after the premiere, “Love Never Lies: Polska” took second place in the TOP10 of the most popular productions in Poland. But that’s not all. The program was also at the forefront in other European countries, including: in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania. Despite high viewing figures, viewers’ reviews are not very favorable, as evidenced by numerous comments left under posts on Netflix’s social media.

Another piece of crap and brainwashing crap

Netflix, please make a decent, ambitious project

Don’t waste your time on such crap

– wrote Internet users under the trailer of the program on YouTube. According to reports, viewers mainly complain about the lack of authenticity of the participants, and accuse the creators of directing the course of events to arouse greater emotions and deliberately arouse controversy.

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