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Not in the cupboard under the sink or in the pantry.  Where to store potatoes?  “My whole life has been a lie”

Not in the cupboard under the sink or in the pantry. Where to store potatoes? “My whole life has been a lie”

Where do you keep your potatoes? Many choose a kitchen cabinet or a basement, while others choose… a refrigerator. It turns out that even some manufacturers recommend this method of storage. A tiktoker found this out and shared the recording with Internet users.

How to store them to keep them fresh longer? Many people keep them in a cupboard under the sink, in the basement, or in a similar, somewhat cool place. However, few people put them in… the fridge. One tiktoker noticed that a potato producer recommended this as the correct way to store tubers, and she found the information on the packaging.

How to store potatoes at home? You can put them in the fridge

@bethking61 some time ago shared a short video in which she showed raw potatoes in the manufacturer’s packaging. You can see a drawing of a refrigerator on it and an inscription telling you to store the product at home at a temperature below 5 degrees Celsius.

Does anyone else keep potatoes in the fridge? Is this new? My whole life has been a lie…

– she wrote on the recording. Internet users quickly commented on this way of storing potatoes. It turns out that some people have been using this trick for years, while others are trying it for the first time.

I’ve never met anyone who kept potatoes in the fridge…

I keep mine in the fridge because when I had them in the cupboard I forgot about them until I started smelling them.

I always keep mine in the fridge

– it was written in the comments.

What’s the best way to store potatoes? A refrigerator is not always a good solution

According to the “” portal, the optimal temperature for storing potatoes is 5-7 degrees Celsius. In such conditions, tubers can survive for up to half a year, and in higher temperatures, up to 10 degrees Celsius, for about 3 months. However, remember that the temperature cannot be too low – this is due to the water content in the vegetables. What about peeled potatoes? Place them in a container, pour water and add a few drops of vinegar. You can also store the tubers prepared in this way in the refrigerator – up to 4 days. Adding vinegar will prevent them from spoiling too quickly.

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