The Film Academy has awarded Sigourney Weaver with the Goya International of this year and has been the protagonist of one of the most tender moments of the night by dedicating the bobblehead to her Spanish dubbing actress, María Luisa Solá. It should be noted that Solá, in addition to interpreting Weaver’s roles in Spanish, has also served as a regular voice actor for a long line of Hollywood stars.

Amusingly, Weaver has had a very fond memory for voice actress María Luisa Solá. “He has dubbed me in more than 30 films. My friend Bill Murray – an actor – always says that my interpretation is better in Spanish. My voice actor should be here. I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she said. It may be that this intervention was the first time that many Spaniards have heard Weaver’s voice, but a voice that surely resonates with them is that of Maria Luisa, who has played hundreds of roles on the big and small screen to make accessible the Anglo-Saxon feature films to the Spanish public.

Although the Academy hurriedly invited the dubbing actress to the gala, as detailed in Zapeando, the affectionate dedication from the American actress was not expected. In addition, she pointed out that the recognition from the movie star surprised and excited, adding that “Only the great ones do that.”

Who is María Luisa Solá

Born in Barcelona, ​​on January 20, 1939, she is a dubbing actress in Spanish and Catalan and has participated in more than 3,000 dubbings, be it films, TV series or audiobooks. It should be noted that in the 50s she began her career as a voice actress in films such as With death on his heels, Psychosis, or El Cid. Over the years she has continued to climb the ranks in the world of dubbing to become the regular dubbing actress for actresses of the stature of Helen Mirren, Glenn Close or Judi Dench, among others. These are some of the performers to whom she has given voice in Spanish and some of the titles in which she can be heard.

  • Kay Adams in The Godfather III.
  • Gaius Helen Mohiam Dune.
  • Joan Rivers in Shrek 2
  • Susan Sarandon’s usual voice as in Thelma and Louise.
  • Voice of Kathy Bates in several films.
  • Glenn Close’s voice in several films, including 102 dalmatians.
  • Voice of Diane Keaton in several films.
  • Voice of Jamie Lee Curtis in several films, including my girl and my girl 2.
  • Voice of Kim Bassinger in several films.
  • Helen Mirren’s voice in several films, including Hitchcock.
  • Carrie Fisher’s voice in several films, including Star Wars.
  • Voice of Jane Fonda in several films.