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“Aldaera” (variant), word of the year in Basque for Euskaltzaindia and the UZEI center

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Euskaltzaindia, the academy of the Basque language, and the UZEI center for terminology and lexicography have chosen variant (variant) as the word of the year in Basque due to its intensive use in the Basque media during 2021 when referring to the different mutations of the SARS-Cov2 coronavirus, responsible for the covid-19 pandemic.

It is the first time that Euskaltzaindia and UZEI, an entity associated with the academy, have chosen together ‘the word of the year’ in Basque, although UZEI had been collecting the words that had most caught their attention for several years.

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The term they have chosen to inaugurate this new initiative has been variant (variant), and has been selected for its frequent use in the news published in Basque this year.

For Basque, variant It is not a new term since it has been included in the Euskaltzaindia Dictionary for a long time, “but in recent months its use has multiplied, driven by the pandemic, which continues to make headlines in the different media,” they highlight.

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