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Green bottle dress – a top trend for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

Green bottle dress for Christmas – who is this color for?

Noble colors suit any complexion and hair color, bottle green dress is a good choice for both blondes and brunettes. Dark green also goes well with warm brown and highlights red curls beautifully. Are you looking for a bottle green dress on? Check out the suggestions below.

Bottle green and Christmas dress – color and texture

Velvet, cotton or maybe satin? A bottle green dress has several options to choose from. A list of the best fashion invoices for Christmas is presented below.

  • Satin is distinguished by an elegant gloss and flowing structure. Does this material have disadvantages? Unfortunately, yes, even a satin dress in a dark color emphasizes imperfections, it is worth remembering and before buying this type of dress, see the effect in artificial light. The solution can be a traditional petticoat or shaping underwear.
  • The modern material with the consistency of light foam will make the Christmas Eve dress fall by itself, creating almost geometric forms.
  • Velvet dress will serve us both on a daily basis and on holidays.

Bottle green: Christmas Eve dress – what accessories?

The devil is also in the details, below we present the best shoes and bags for the Christmas Eve dress in the color of bottle green.

  • Black sandals – they will prove themselves, especially when the hosts require shoes for a change, which is rather obvious in Polish homes.
  • Red lipstick and red on the nails. Especially in winter, when we lack sun, the complexion becomes very pale, for those who do not like artificial tanning, makeup in stronger colors may be the solution.
  • Natural ones will look great against creations in earth tones. This nonchalant style is very fashionable in France.
  • A black clutch bag is an accessory that works well with a bottle-colored dress. An interesting texture will provide a “claw” effect.
  • The snake skin motif is liked with green, but due to the bright colors, it is a proposition more during the day than in the evening.

Source: Gazeta

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