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They kicked him out of TVP because he married his lover.  He received his notice of termination before Christmas

They kicked him out of TVP because he married his lover. He received his notice of termination before Christmas

Jakub Kwieciñski and Dawid Mycek, known in social media as the “Jakub and Dawid” duo, published a recording in which a former TVP employee talks about the reasons and circumstances of his dismissal from the station. In spring this year, the influencer won the court battle with Telewizja Polska. The court then ruled that the public broadcaster had committed “discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation” against the former employee.

In 2018, Jakub Kwieciński lost his job at Telewizja Polska. From the beginning, the influencer was convinced that the reason for his dismissal was discrimination due to sexual orientation. A year earlier, during a trip to Portugal, Kwieciński got married to Dawid Mycek. After these events, the influencer filed a lawsuit against TVP. In the spring of 2023, the court ruled in his favor, stating that “Telewizja Polska committed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation by terminating cooperation with Jakub Kwieciński.”

He worked at TVP for 8 years and received his notice before Christmas. Reason? Wedding with your beloved

Now, a few months after the court triumph, the influencer decided to publish a recording in which he talked about the events from five years ago. “I worked at Telewizja Polska for 8 years. I lost my job just before Christmas a few years ago just because I got married to Dawid and we were not ashamed to talk about it loudly. It was one of the most difficult moments in my life,” we hear in Jakub Kwieciński’s material .

Later in the recording, the influencer talks about the changes taking place on Polish Television: “Today ends the dark time when one party ruled there and people’s careers, biographies and even lives were routinely broken” – he added, and then wished his viewers a happy birthday. tecne.

“Jakub and Dawid” are a pair of influencers fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in Poland. At the beginning of this year, Kwieciński and Mycek appealed to the Black Eyed Peas band, which appeared on stage with rainbow armbands at the “New Year’s Eve of Dreams” 2022/2023. The influencers suggested that the group donate the amount earned during the performance to the Campaign Against Homophobia. In turn, in October this year, Jakub and Dawid organized a social experiment by placing a board on one of the streets of Świdnik with the inscription “Zone free from traditional relationships – valid on the first Saturday of each month”. This is a response to an earlier action by groups opposed to the LGBTQ+ community.

Source: Gazeta

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