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The nurse showed a Christmas package from the National Health Fund.  “Like every year, rich! For your money”

The nurse showed a Christmas package from the National Health Fund. “Like every year, rich! For your money”

Christmas is an opportunity to give gifts not only to loved ones, but also to employees. Many employers appreciate the effort and commitment with which the people they employ worked throughout the year, giving them gifts during this time. But not everyone. The nurse published a bitter video on TikTok with a “Christmas gift from the National Health Fund”.

This month, many employees boast about the gifts they received for Christmas from their employers. We have already shown what people employed in , or . This time, the nurse, following current trends, recorded a short video on TikTok and showed the Christmas package she received from the National Health Fund. “As a nurse, I will show you what package the hospital is preparing for us. This year will be very rich,” we read in the caption. She added the inscription on the recording: “For your money. Look what the nurses got for Christmas. Are you jealous?”

Gift for a nurse. “This year is rich”

Within two days, the nurse’s video was viewed by almost 800,000 people. people. At the beginning, the woman points out that the package is already open, because she was lost in thought and opened it, and then decided that she had to record it. – We receive such packages every year. What’s inside usually doesn’t differ much, but we’ll see. Maybe this year they will surprise us with something – it builds tension in the first seconds of the film.

In the next part, he emphasizes that all nurses in the ward received the same thing and that Christmas packages look like this in every hospital. – These are usually quite expensive gifts, I’ll tell you right away. Well, that’s right. But it’s worth it once a year, right? – he adds.

Then he moves on to listing specific items. – It’s starting well. A voucher to be used for psychiatric treatment worth PLN 0, because your life is in trouble. Just like last year, she said. Then she mentioned: damaged thyroid, regret and bitterness. – Heartfelt thanks and respect for being the most loving sister. You can make soup out of it. Ooooh, this wasn’t there a year ago! Look, they rushed. Chocolate… but after the deadline – she finished.

Nurses do not hide their regret. “I didn’t even get a penny”

Other nurses also commented in the comments under her video. “I’m a nurse. I didn’t even get a penny for Christmas”, “My package included digestive problems due to irregular eating and a damaged spine from lifting”, “Like every year, figs and poppy seeds” – they wrote.

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