He sudden death of actress Itziar Castro has shocked the world cinema and the culture from this country. From first thing in the morning, when his close friend Frankie Leonardis gave the sad news through the social network

So much Javier Calvo as Javier Ambrossi, better known in the audiovisual world as ‘Los Javis’, have expressed their deep pain for the loss of Itziar Castro through stories on their official Instagram accounts. The production company that they both run Suma Contenthas sent a message of condolences on this social network, remembering her role in ‘Paquita Salas’ and other productions by the directors.

The Film Academy confirmed the information through a publication that highlighted the artist’s achievements and filmography. “She was nominated for Goya for Best New Actress for his role in ‘Skins‘ and participated in films like ‘Campeones'”.

The Academy of Triumph operationin which he served as Interpretation teacher in the 2018 editionhas also shown his deep regret through this social network.

The Endesa League defines Itziar Castro in his statement of condolences as one of his “great traveling companions in the fight against bullying“. He was a speaker at numerous talks against bullying. “Thank you for your involvement, your affection and your messages of incalculable value.”

Santiago Segura He highlights in networks that “it has been a sudden and cruel blow.” “Sometimes I had a hard time seeing the hate and bullying I had to endure on this same social network, although she always faced it with strength and courage,” she recalls in this publication.

“I can’t believe you’re gone, dear Itziar Castro. May your talent, your laughter and that prodigious voice fill the sky with celebration and joy,” he says. Lidia San Joséher co-star in ‘Paquita Salas‘.

The actress has died this morning when I was attending tryouts for a synchronized swimming show in the indoor municipal pool of the Girona town of Lloret de Mar captained by Anna Tarrés. At the moment the exact reason for death is unknown.