As a red chronicle, that’s how he defined it Cecilia Cascante to tonight’s results MasterChef Celebrity Ecuador, because they, like some of his companions, were surprised by the judge’s decision to eliminate Juana Guarderas and stay in the competition Danilo Carrera.

Juana Guarderas leaves the kitchens of ‘MasterChef Celebrity Ecuador’: her potato locro did not surpass Danilo Carrera’s fried eggs

Anthony Swag He was more direct in his statements and sharply criticized Carrera for his performance in the elimination challenge.

‘I didn’t think it was fair for Juanita to leave. “I don’t know how long he can last, but if I get eliminated with him, I’ll make sure to eliminate him.” said the YouTuber.

But what made Swag and the rest of the teammates angry? The participants were instructed to prepare something inspired by a memory that changed their life, in the context of the elimination challenge.

The actor of Telemundo He decided to prepare a noodle omelet with some fried eggs in honor of the memory of Mamita Bella, the woman who took care of him, his brothers and his father. He called his plate Breeding.

“It’s a fried egg, my seven-year-old sister made it.”…the record represents a story he has, but It’s not an elimination bracket.”Swag asked.

He agreed Yilda Banchon, who believes it is time to grow gastronomically. “I think we should all prepare and make a little more progress, even if it is little by little as I have done.”

Nachita moves Ericka Vélez to tears at the memory of Efraín Ruales on ‘MasterChef Celebrity Ecuador’

But contrary to what his companions thought, the judges thought his dish was delicious, very well presented and creamy. “The truth is that it really surprised me. I think it is a very nice tribute.”said the chef. Carolina Sanchez.