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The gynecologist has a request for her patients.  For many women it is still a huge cause for stress

The gynecologist has a request for her patients. For many women it is still a huge cause for stress

For many women, visiting a gynecologist is still quite a challenge. How to prepare for a visit? The gynecologist decided to dispel all doubts and drew attention to things that women should not worry about.

Tiffany Pham is a certified . On a daily basis, he works as a medical advisor with Flow Health. According to the specialist, preparation for a visit to the office, contrary to appearances, is not complicated or demanding. Regardless of whether it is the first or subsequent meeting. Women, however, attach too much importance to things that the doctor will not pay attention to.

How to prepare for a visit to the gynecologist? Dr. Tiffany Pham explains important issues

Before visiting a gynecologist, many of us are stressed about shaving our intimate areas or even making sure our nail polish looks impeccable. It turns out that these are unnecessary, because the gynecologist will not even pay attention to them, as Dr. Tiffany Pham argues. The expert says that no patient should feel uncomfortable or ashamed when visiting a doctor.

Gynecologists deal with many problems related to the most intimate parts of the body. These are trained specialists who focus on the patient’s health, not the appearance of her intimate body parts.

However, the doctor advises to prepare properly before the expected visit, as it is crucial. However, it is not about visual issues, but about writing down on a piece of paper in advance all the issues, questions or doubts that we would like to ask about, so that we do not miss them.

What’s the most comfortable way to dress for a gynecologist? Choose comfort and simplicity

Due to the specificity of examinations at the gynecologist, there is often a dilemma regarding choosing the right outfit for the visit. It is important that it is comfortable and does not interfere during examinations. So choose a cut that is easy to remove from the waist down and at the same time will not restrict movement. Choose a wide skirt or dress that only needs to be rolled up slightly for examination. A good option is also to choose a long tunic or T-shirt.

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