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Katarzyna Warnke has found a way to have firm skin.  “This is a revelation”

Katarzyna Warnke has found a way to have firm skin. “This is a revelation”

Katarzyna Warnke is one of the people who focus on minimalism and naturalness. The actress rarely appears in full makeup. Her flawless skin has been admired for years. What tricks does the star use to make her skin look so good?

Katarzyna Warnke gained enormous popularity thanks to her roles in productions such as “Botoks”, “Mafia Women” and “Pętla”. In August, the actress turned 46 and still impresses with her impeccable figure and well-groomed complexion. He is not afraid to show himself without . Fans are constantly wondering how the star takes care of her skin to keep it looking so young and radiant.

How does Katarzyna Warnke take care of her skin? This treatment is gold for her

One of Kasia’s beauty methods is a facial massage. This makes the skin taut, firm and elastic. – I went to this “facial yoga”. This is a revelation. I was wondering what to do to ensure that my face gets the same treatment as my body and I found a way to do it. I also try to take care of regular care, which I do not change every now and then. I don’t do such radical changes because my skin doesn’t like it – she admitted in an interview with “”. The actress always has two masks at home: cleansing and moisturizing. – It is worth using such a mask set and I think that after this set our skin will immediately be luminous – she added.

Katarzyna Warnke’s diet. She excluded two things from the menu

Warnke also takes care of her body from the inside and follows a well-balanced diet. He eats a lot of groats, vegetables, seeds and nuts. He doesn’t eat meat or sugar. Instead, he reaches for one type of product without which he cannot imagine his diet. – I love dairy products, which apparently isn’t the best thing. It’s a scandal, I know, she said in an interview for “”. However, she emphasized that this is her individual way of eating and it will not suit everyone. – Everyone must find the right way for themselves, because what is good for one person may be harmful to another – she said.

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