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Maryla Rodowicz went to the grocery store.  A bill of over PLN 1,000.  “Cookie, baguette, ribs…”

Maryla Rodowicz went to the grocery store. A bill of over PLN 1,000. “Cookie, baguette, ribs…”

Maryla Rodowicz only wanted to buy ribs and ended up with a bill of over PLN 1,000 at the supermarket. What did the diva put in the basket?

she went to one of the popular large-format stores and collected a whole basket of various goods from aisle to aisle. As she writes, she only came for the ribs, but she was tempted by so many additional things that she was pleasantly surprised at the checkout.

Maryla Rodowicz went for a “crispy baguette” and paid over PLN 1,200

In the store, Maryla Rodowicz only wanted to buy smoked ribs for cabbage soup. Unfortunately, the trip to the supermarket ended tragically for the singer’s wallet. While walking among the shelves, she also selected so many things that the final bill exceeded the limits of decency:

Today I went to the store to buy smoked ribs. I thought: it’s cold, so I’ll cook cabbage soup with ribs. There were no ribs, so I at least bought smoked bacon. There was a pastry shop next door, I had some cookies, and then I went for a crispy baguette. And then this, and this, and that, and to the cash register. The lady asks: by card as usual? And I said, No, cash. I was so pleased with myself that I had the cash. The lady says: 1,254 zlotys. I open my wallet and think: I must have overdone it, I don’t have that much cash. And immediately my second thought: I left the card in another bag. Well, it’s nice, but it’s a shame, the line at the cash register is getting longer and longer… The lady says: give me the money, we’ll count it. We count, we count and you know what? I had exactly PLN 1,254. Any witchcraft? – wrote a delightfully amused Maryla Rodowicz on social media.

Fans suspect that a TV may have become entangled among the baguettes and ribs – or maybe Maryla is preparing an outfit made of baguettes for New Year’s Eve and hence the price (SpidersWeb asked the chain of stores to provide the current price of baguettes – it turns out that Maryla would have to buy over 600 of them to see over PLN 1,200 on the counter at the cash register).

What else did Maryla Rodowicz buy?

In the comments, Maryla Rodowicz clarified what else she bought apart from baguettes. It turns out that these were larger purchases related to a birthday party that the singer is throwing in the coming days. “I also had to buy meat for cabbage rolls, tenderloin for dumplings, cheese, smoked salmon…” Maryla Rodowicz’s birthday is next Friday, December 8.

Source: Gazeta

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