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Not only about politics.  Is it better not to talk about money?  The research is not optimistic

Not only about politics. Is it better not to talk about money? The research is not optimistic

Can a relationship break down due to financial issues? Głos Pisany Szminką and Bank BNP Paribas conducted a study on how talking about money affects relationships. The results are not optimistic.

The campaign is called “#WhatWithThisCash – How conversations about money affect our relationships.” During the Success Pisany Szmink campaign, Bank BNP Paribas commissioned a study by the Quantify agency, which analyzed conflicts in financial matters and how money affects money on a sample of 1,000 Polish men. The results are surprising.

Unequal earnings cause conflicts. “It can be a big obstacle to finding solutions”

As it turns out, the disproportion in earnings can be a cause of disputes in a relationship. When one side can afford more than the other, conflicts can easily arise. The research results indicate that every tenth respondent hides debts and obligations from their significant other. – The disproportion of earnings may be a significant obstacle to finding solutions suitable for both parties. It turns out that we do not always share all our expenses and financial arrears with our partner, which may be the reason for later misunderstandings – Izabela Tworzydło, Director of the Corporate Communication Department of BNP Paribas Bank.

Do Poles argue about money? “Every fifth respondent ended their friendship” because of finances

There may be many reasons for quarrels in a relationship, but half of the respondents indicated that finances are often a controversial issue in a relationship and may even be the reason for breakup. However, 55% of people admitted that money is secondary in their current relationship and they rarely argue about it with their partner. — The results of the study accompanying the “#WhatWithThisCash” campaign indicate that due to a conflict caused by money, every fifth respondent ended a friendship, while every fourth lost contact with a family member – explained Olga Kozierowska, president of the Success Pisany Szminką organization.

Source: Gazeta

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