Actress Susan Sarandon lost the chance to participate in a film after his recent comments about Jews during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in New York, despite the fact that the Oscar winner apologized, saying that she had made a “terrible mistake.”

However, that apology was not enough for the production company PTO Films, which had Sarandon, 77, in mind for its short film ‘Slipping Away’. although there were never “formal negotiations”David Barroso, co-founder of the independent film production company, told the New York Post.

“As a company, PTO Films would like to make it clear that Susan Sarandon’s opinions do not reflect the views of our organization“, indicated Barroso and made it clear that they have “decided to look for other options.” On November 17, the actress participated in a demonstration in New York in support of the Palestinian people where she said that “many people are afraid of being Jewish at this time and are beginning to taste what it feels like to be Muslim in this country, so often subject to violence.

After that comment, Hollywood’s main talent agency, United Talent Agency, stopped representing the famous actress, to which is now added the decision of PTO Films.

Sarandon apologized in a post he made on his Instagram page, saying he committed a “terrible mistake” since his way of expressing himself suggested that until recently Jews had not known what persecution is “when the opposite is true,” and cited “centuries of oppression and genocide in Europe” and the shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2018 as examples. Barroso also told the Post that they have not yet cast another actress because production on the project has been delayed.