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What’s worth watching today?  A film about Santa Claus is a perfect proposition for a family Christmas screening.

What’s worth watching today? A film about Santa Claus is a perfect proposition for a family Christmas screening.

A movie about Santa Claus is the perfect movie to watch on St. Nicholas Day or during Christmas. A family story about a bearded old man will bring many emotions, regardless of what face of Santa Claus the director decided to show.

About Santa Claus: an Oscar-winning film

There are some very famous paintings about Santa Claus. ”Miracle on 34th Street” can be considered cult in this case. The first version comes from 1947 and was directed by George Seaton.


Doris Walker (Maureen O’Hara), a single mother raising her daughter Susan (Natalie Wood), is responsible for the marketing and promotion of one of the New York stores. When she needs to hire a replacement for Santa Claus, she manages to recruit a nice old man. Kris Kringle (Edmund Gwenn) claims to be the real Santa Claus. The problem is that Doris does not believe in the existence of Santa Claus and she raises her daughter with this belief. Kris and aspiring lawyer Fred (John Payne) try to restore Susan and her mother’s faith in the magic of Christmas. When reaching for this version, it is worth knowing that Edmund Gwenn won an Oscar for the role of Santa Claus. In the 1994 remake, the character was played by Richard Attenborough.

Movies about Santa Clauses

about Santa Clauses present various faces of a portly old man with a long white beard, dressed in a red suit and distributing Christmas gifts to the youngest. Stories featuring Santa Claus include the following titles:

”The Polar Express” (2004), dir. Robert Zemeckis

An eight-year-old boy, thanks to his friends, begins to doubt the existence of Santa Claus. When the Polar Express arrives for him on Christmas Eve and the conductor (Tom Hanks) invites him on a journey to the North Pole, he has no idea what an extraordinary gift he may receive.

'The Polar Express' (2004)‘The Polar Express’ (2004) frame from the movie ‘The Polar Express’ dir. Robert Zemeckis/screen

”Santa Claus” (1994), dir. John Pasquin

Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is completely absorbed in work and has no time for his six-year-old son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd). When they spend Christmas together, Scott accidentally causes Santa’s accident. Charlie convinces his father to play Santa Claus and take over his duties. He must make sure that the children receive their gifts on time.

”Christmas Chronicle” (2018), dir. Clay Kaytis

Siblings Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy (Judah Lewis) sneak into Santa’s sleigh and cause an accident. With a Christmas tradition in serious jeopardy, the children help Santa (Kurt Russell) and his elves deliver presents on time and save Christmas.

Christmas ChroniclesChristmas Chronicles mat. promotional, Netflix

”A Wife for Nicholas” (2004), dir. Harvey Frost

Aged Santa Claus (John Wheeler) would like to retire. To do this, he must pass the baton to his son. However, to make this possible, you need to help Nick (Steve Guttenberg) find a wife. Meanwhile, he unexpectedly falls in love with a hard-working single mother, Beth (Crystal Bernard). The problem is that she has lost faith in Christmas.

”Elf” (2003), dir. Jon Favreau

While Santa Claus is busy delivering gifts, the baby unnoticed enters his sack and thus ends up with Santa Claus in the elves’ village. When Buddy (Will Ferrell), raised by elves, grows up, he must leave their land. He goes to New York in search of his real family.

A movie about Santa Claus with Whoopi Goldberg

about Santa Claus, which is certainly worth watching, is a 2001 film directed by Peter Werner, titled ”Profession: Santa Claus”. It tells the story of how television producer Lucy Cullins (Whoopi Goldberg) is looking for someone who could play the role of Santa Claus in a program she is preparing for the upcoming Christmas season. When she meets Nick (Nigel Hawthorne), she is convinced that the man fits this role perfectly. What he doesn’t know is that Nick is the real Santa Claus, who is about to retire soon. He will have to appoint his successor before Christmas.

A movie with Santa Claus, who is not a saint at all

Not everyone with Santa Claus is a family story about a ribald old man who loves children. It is certainly not “Bad Santa” from 2003 (directed by Terry Zwigoff). Willie T. Soke (Billy Bob Thornton) is a con artist who dresses up as Santa Claus and robs shopping malls every year. He is accompanied in this process by Marcus (Tony Cox). Willie hates children, loves alcohol and women, and also swears and is arrogant. However, even he gets a second chance at life thanks to an eight-year-old (Brett Kelly) who will help him learn the power of friendship.

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