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I put bubble wrap in the toilet flush.  Guest visits no longer embarrass me

I put bubble wrap in the toilet flush. Guest visits no longer embarrass me

The bathroom should be a clean and dry place. If you notice that water is regularly condensing on your cistern, do not ignore it, because the consequences may be dire. Reach for bubble wrap, which will deal with the problem in no time.

Condensation on the toilet is a common problem. Regularly wiping the cistern does not help much, because after a while new drops can be noticed again. This happens because the moist air in the bathroom comes into contact with the cold surface of the toilet seat. The main cause is excess moisture, lack of ventilation or temperature differences.

How to put bubble wrap in the toilet? Acts as a moisture absorber

Not only does water dripping from the cistern not look aesthetically pleasing, but it also has serious consequences. Corrosion, rust, mold and fungus may appear on the toilet. If water condenses on the floor, it can also be damaged. Therefore, you should not ignore this problem, but start taking action when you immediately notice that the toilet seat is “sweating”.

Start by improving ventilation. The bathroom door should have a special opening at the bottom because it must allow air to flow even when closed. Do not dry with the door closed, and after bathing, open it immediately to let it air out. Before you decide to buy a moisture absorber, use a home remedy with bubble wrap.

I put bubble wrap in the toilet flush Dcwcreations/iStock

How to insulate a toilet with bubble wrap? It is very easy

Cold water flows into the cistern, which cools the toilet seat. It is at a lower temperature than the air temperature in the bathroom, so it begins to condense on the toilet. To get rid of the problem, just secure the toilet from the inside. Turn off the water supply and stick bubble wrap inside the tank. Use sanitary silicone for this. Once the silicone has dried, fill the container with water. This way you will isolate the water in the tank from the warm air outside. You will save money, and the wet flush will no longer keep you awake at night.

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