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This is one of the rarest names in Poland.  In 2023, 5 girls received them.  It only has three letters

This is one of the rarest names in Poland. In 2023, 5 girls received them. It only has three letters

Nowadays, parents choose the most original name for their child. They want it to be unique and fit into current trends. If you are currently pregnant and wondering what to name your daughter, take inspiration from the name of the Polish athlete.

Nowadays, some parents remain faithful to tradition and choose names after their grandparents. Others look for the most unusual proposals possible to be sure that there will be no child with the same name in kindergarten or school later. Most people have forgotten about the existence of a beautiful name of Latin origin: Pia.

What does the name Pia mean? Few people know about its existence

Pia is the female equivalent of the male name Pius. They have the same meaning: Pia and Pius are honest, devoted and pious people. The name Pia is very rare, so its owner is automatically considered a unique person. She is strong, hard-working and determined to achieve her goal. She is responsible and systematic. He treats life’s problems as challenges that he must overcome to find happiness. Pia celebrates her name day on January 19. Her lucky color is green, her stone is emerald, and her number is 8. The most popular diminutives are: Pijka, Pipi, Piunia, Piusia.

How many people in Poland are named Pia? It has been in last place for years

A person named Pia is very good at professions related to physical activity. They are worn by the 2021 European youth champion and 2022 European 100-meter hurdles champion Pia Skrzyszowska. According to data available in the first half of 2023, only 5 girls were named this way. For comparison, in 2022, 7 girls were named Pia, and a year earlier, 5. It can be seen that it is not very popular, so it will be a great choice for parents who are looking for an original proposition.

Source: Gazeta

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