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Sunafil: more than 310,000 workers were added to the payroll

Sunafil: more than 310,000 workers were added to the payroll

The National Superintendency of Labor Supervision (Sunafil) reported that since January a total of 316,591 workers left informality and were incorporated into the electronic payroll.

In detail, the regions with the most formalized employees were Metropolitan Lima, La Libertad and Piura, in the economic sectors of agriculture, services (real estate and business) and real estate industries.

Likewise, 70,776 inspections have been carried out, reaching 30,497 companies. In this sense, the safety and health of 4,263 workers was protected with the stoppage of 145 works, mainly in the construction, services, and wholesale and retail trade sectors.

Through the “Verifica tu Chamba” application, citizens can check if they are on the payroll. If the companies continue as informal, the application sends an alert to the company, so that it formalizes its personnel according to the law.

Total 5,592 companies have received specialized and specific advicewhile 539,852 people, including workers and employers, have been guided so that they know their labor rights.

Source: Larepublica

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