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This is one of the most frequently searched games on the Internet.  It is over 150 years old.  What is its phenomenon?

This is one of the most frequently searched games on the Internet. It is over 150 years old. What is its phenomenon?

Just a few years ago, online games enjoyed enormous popularity and interest. Although they fell into oblivion for some time, a recent increase in this trend has been observed. What is one of the most frequently searched games by Internet users? This may come as a big surprise to you.

it’s a great alternative to traditional ones, especially when you have no one to fight with. All you need is a phone or computer with Internet access to feel the spirit of competition and have a good time. According to phrases from the Google search engine, the most frequently searched game by Internet users is marbles. What rules apply to players?

Free traditional ball game. This is one of the most frequently searched phrases by players

Perhaps you remember the famous glass ball puzzle from your childhood, which involved hitting the ball together in such a way as to push the opponent’s ball off the board? It was probably invented in Egypt in the second half of the 19th century as a form of backyard entertainment for children. However, it gained popularity much later, and only stole the hearts of players thanks to the online version, which has been very popular for years. Every year, millions of Internet users try to earn as many points as possible, but so far only a few have managed to score at least 20,000.

The rules seem simple, they do not differ much from those in the traditional version, but they require agility and precision. The player’s task is to eliminate colored balls, which at first glance seems trivial, but he or she must do it in such a way that they do not cover the board, which is an additional difficulty. To do this, it is necessary to connect at least three balls of the same color – then they burst and disappear from the field.

What to use instead of balls? You might like these games

Various online gaming platforms offer the opportunity to play marbles for free. However, if you are already bored with the traditional version, there are several equally addictive alternatives available online. For example, we are talking about Mahjong Candy, which involves matching tiles with the same candy. The player receives points, but an additional difficulty is the constantly passing time. Jewels Connect is also an interesting option, and each user can choose one of three difficulty levels depending on their own preferences. This time the task is to match the same elements, but to get the right amount of points, strategy also counts. Other equally interesting proposals include: Microsoft Bubble, Jewel or Ludo Legend.

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