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In a snowstorm, only Lasocki boots.  Warm, for women who value style and comfort.  Substitutes from PLN 48

In a snowstorm, only Lasocki boots. Warm, for women who value style and comfort. Substitutes from PLN 48

Warm and stylish – these are the Lasocki boots that I found at CCC. Now you can buy them on sale and you will definitely shine on the street. These are perfect shoes for women who value comfort and elegance. However, if you prefer cheaper models, I found some really nice gems for you.

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I found warm, leather ones with a fashionable cut on sale at CCC. The Lasocki brand is a phenomenon on the fashion market. Their the shoes will keep you warm and at the same time add style and character to any styling. However, if you prefer to choose very similar, cheaper models, I found some great gems for you on the Born2be and Renee websites. Their prices are really low and incredibly tempting.

Lasocki boots are a good and fashionable choice for winter days. Now you can buy them on sale at CCC

Lasocki leather boots screenshot from ccc website

Lasocki boots delighted me with their workmanship. These are shoes made in the style of boots with the addition of claws from trappers or rock shoes. Such styles are very fashionable now and slim the legs. The boots have a decorative ankle strap that adds class and refines the entire shoe. They are warm, fastened with a zipper, and waterproof. You can buy the iconic model now on sale.

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You can buy beautiful boots from Born2be now for only PLN 47.99. This model definitely impresses from the first wear

born2be winter bootsborn2be winter boots screenshot from born2be website

I found a replacement for Lasocki boots on Born2be. These shoes are in a similar style, but what attracts attention is their decoration with now fashionable rivets. This model definitely looks great on the leg and will add a fashionable look to any outfit, regardless of whether you wear trousers or a dress. The shoes are extremely comfortable and are suitable even for wet weather with thaws. You won’t be threatened by winter in them. The price is only PLN 47.99.

Renee’s officers will blow your mind. This model fits everything. “They fit perfectly”

bootsboots screenshot from renee’s website

They fit perfectly

I recommend it to people who are looking for something for a wider calf

I must admit that the last proposition is my absolute favorite of today’s list. These boots are impressive from the first look and look phenomenal on the leg. Their additional advantage is the elastic sewn into the uppers, which allows women with larger calves to adjust these boots to their needs. Customers who praise this model really liked it.

Fashion bloggers wear similar boots and take photos in them on Instagram. The shoes match all coats and jacketsbut they look really fashionable with brown accessories.

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