Petroecuador has reported that in the coming days it will begin the processes of managing the collection of receivables from private and public sector clients. The amount of claims from private entities is $84,020,757.71, while from public entities $153,264,636.96, according to the state.

The announcement, according to Petroecuador, is coming Following the guidelines of the national government and in accordance “with the aim of strengthening the transparency of the financial situation of the company, it has organized the updating, consolidation and reconciliation of accounts pending collection from public and private entities”, according to a statement issued on Friday, December 1.

An unprecedented -$85 differential is tantamount to a “giveaway” of Ecuadorian crude and shows little interest in Petroecuador’s pre-sale

The public company indicated that there are liabilities that have accumulated for more than a year due to the sale of hydrocarbons and various services inherent in the activities, which has led to an increase in the portfolio of debts that must be collected.

In this context, he reported that in the coming days, the collection management processes, based on the legal system and signed legal instruments for the provision of services, will begin.

The progress of the efforts, as well as the actions taken and the values ​​collected, will be reported, according to the state-owned company.