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Do you have “black triangles” between your teeth?  The dentist explained what this meant

Do you have “black triangles” between your teeth? The dentist explained what this meant

What are “black triangles” on teeth? More and more people notice their appearance. It turns out that you can easily avoid the problem. Dentist Anna Peterson shared her advice on this topic.

Beautiful, healthy and well-groomed is the dream of many women. There is no doubt that each of us’s teeth look different. But what do the gaps between the teeth that form black triangles mean? The phenomenon was explained by a dentist who published recordings under the nickname @annapetersondental. She also advised what to do to protect yourself from such a problem. It turns out that a lot of it is simply about proper hygiene.

She explained what the “black triangles” between the teeth were. You can avoid them

In the video, Anna Peterson showed a photo showing teeth with “black triangles”. “That’s what black triangles look like,” she said. – Actually, they’re just gaps between the teeth and the gums. They usually occur because the gum has receded over the tooth. Since the teeth are triangular in shape, there is some space at the neck of the tooth. Typically, the gum fills this space.

The tiktokerka added that if we do not brush the space between the teeth at least once a day, the gum will recede over the tooth and form a “black triangle”. “There are many different ways to clean between your teeth, such as interdental brushes, a water flosser, or regular dental floss,” she recommended. However, remember to discuss any doubts regarding dental hygiene with your dentist during your next visit. The specialist will answer your questions and dispel any doubts.

Internet users commented on the recording. “It’s torture”

There were many comments under the recording from Internet users who watched it with interest. Some people shared their own tricks that can help avoid the problem of the appearance of “black triangles”.

I will be doing a deep clean next week.

Interdental brushes are torture, the metal makes your teeth hurt so much. I use dental floss.

I need to take care of my teeth.

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