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The results of the autopsy of Gabriel Seweryn are known.  One of the causes has been ruled out

The results of the autopsy of Gabriel Seweryn are known. One of the causes has been ruled out

Gabriel Seweryn, former participant of the “Queens of Life” show, died on November 28 in a hospital in Głogów. The police are explaining the circumstances of the designer’s death. However, there is already a preliminary autopsy report.

A few hours before his death, Gabriel Seweryn, a colorful designer from the “Queens of Life” show, complained of shortness of breath and heart problems. He was taken to hospital the same day, where he continued to complain of chest pain. The situation initially calmed down at the facility, but soon there was a sudden cardiac arrest.

Why is Gabriel Seweryn dead? The autopsy results are in

The 56-year-old’s death raises many doubts. Shortly before his death, the man was recording himself on the street – in the background you can see the ambulance that came for him. However, he was not taken to the hospital – in an interview with “Fakt”, emergency service representatives say that “the team did not take action due to the patient’s aggression and threat to the emergency medical team.”

Gabriel Seweryn reached the Głogów hospital by taxi. The preliminary cause of the man’s death was sudden cardiac arrest. However, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Legnica is explaining the circumstances of his death. , which – as the spokeswoman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Legnica says – “did not help in determining the causes of Gabriel Seweryn’s death.”

Additional tests are needed, including for possible use of drugs, alcohol and other prohibited pharmaceuticals. The autopsy ruled out bodily injuries, the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement to the media.

Who was Gabriel Seweryn?

Gabriel Seweryn was a designer from Głogów who became famous when he joined the “Queens of Life” program with his former partner. He specialized in natural furs, which was also one of the causes of his problems in recent months. He had to close his workshop and began the difficult process of changing his industry – the lack of demand for real fur products meant no earnings for him. In Głogów he was called “Versace from Głogów”, he collaborated with many stars: Zenek Martyniuk, Czesław Mozil and Robert Kozyra.

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