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You won’t need the knife and peeler anymore.  You can easily remove potato skins

You won’t need the knife and peeler anymore. You can easily remove potato skins

In social media we can find many interesting tips that may make it easier for us to perform some everyday activities. This time, one TikTok user showed how to peel potatoes in a few moments without using a peeler. The patent will work especially well in the case of large numbers of tubers.

Not everyone likes peeling potatoes. Especially if you have to remove the skins from a large number of tubers. It turns out, however, that there is a certain way that will help you save a lot of time on this task, and you won’t even need a peeler. The idea was shared by Matthias from Ohio, who recorded a short material for the TikTok platform.

They showed how to effectively peel potatoes in a few moments. You will never remove the peel in the traditional way again

Matthias posts content on TikTok under @quitmyjob. One of his videos was watched over 22 million times and became a real viral. All thanks to the unusual way of peeling potatoes, which does not require the use of a peeler. All you need to do is cut each piece in the middle to a depth of about 2-3 mm and cook as usual. When they cool down a bit, you can easily remove the skin with your fingers, which will take much less time than peeling them in the traditional way.

Matthias pointed out in the video that this way you can quickly peel not only potatoes, but also sweet potatoes. It is worth trying it, especially when we have to process large quantities of similar vegetables and we do not want to waste too much time on removing the skins with a peeler. It is also clear that TikTok users liked it, as can be seen from the numerous comments left under the video.

I have the impression that people in the Middle Ages knew this, but capitalism invented the peeler to make us forget about it.

You’re only telling me this now?!

And this is great because the potato still contains all the nutrients contained in the skin!

What can you do with potato peelings? They will become a brilliant snack

Are you a fan of the traditional way of peeling potatoes? Then try using your skins instead of throwing them in the trash. Wash the potatoes thoroughly, peel them and make whatever dish you want. Dry the skins well with a towel and then place them on baking paper. Pour a little olive oil over each peel and sprinkle with your favorite spices. Place them in an oven preheated to 220 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes, and after that time you will take out of the oven a crispy, zero-waste snack that will replace your favorite chips while watching your favorite series.

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