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“It will look better during the briefing than during the shooting days.”  A cabaret artist without mercy about Chorosiñska

“It will look better during the briefing than during the shooting days.” A cabaret artist without mercy about Chorosiñska

In his YouTube series of short reflections on the reality surrounding us, £ukasz Rybarski touched upon the most current political event in Poland. He did not spare any venom when he spoke about the new Minister of Culture, Dominika Chorosiñska.

became the new Minister of Culture last Monday. So far, less than four days have passed since she was sworn in. No new decisions have been made in the ministry and the dust raised by the appointment of Prime Minister Morawiecki’s two-week government is slowly settling.

Łukasz Rybarski, host of the breakfast program “Poranny Rogal” on Zoom TV, commented on YouTube on the nomination for the former “M jak miłość” actress. He didn’t spare any sarcasm.

Łukasz Rybarski about Dominika Chorosińska: “We graduated from the same school”

Łukasz Rybarski regularly comments on current events in Poland on YouTube. There was an episode about the new government of Mateusz Morawiecki, appointed by President Andrzej Duda last Monday. This time – for a change – it is supposed to be a government of experts. There were – also for a change – a lot of women in it, but most of the new ministers were little-known people, sometimes from second or even third benches of parliament. There are also stars. There is Marlena Maląg, who in “Contact Glass” got a special term for her thoughts (so-called malągi), there is Mariusz Błaszczak (he needs no introduction), and there is the TV star Dominika Chorosińska.

It turns out that the former TV series actress is well known to Łukasz Rybarski. They graduated from the same theater school in Krakow together. The satirist commented on her election to the office of Minister of Culture:

I feel sorry for her that everyone is picking on her so much now. That there are no achievements. And what are his achievements? She’s an actress! Was she supposed to win an Oscar? Even if she won an Oscar, what difference would it make? Besides, there is one problem – to win an Oscar, you first have to act in a movie. Because they didn’t give Oscars for “Smolensk”, he commented.

Two-week-old ministers will be entitled to generous severance pay after the Sejm fails to give them a vote of confidence. This is an issue that causes considerable nervousness among political commentators and ordinary citizens. . Although there are voices that this money should be spent on charity, it is not known how individual ministers from the interim government will react, because they will be entitled to severance pay regardless of the intentions and discouragement of citizens.

What will their lives be like in two weeks? It’s not about money, because Dominika will do better during the briefing than during the shooting days in the series. And as a minister, she will have about 14 shooting days. However, the series will be titled “M jak mem” – commented Rybarski.

“Business Insider” asked representatives of ministers whether their bosses intend to receive severance pay. No one answered clearly.

Source: Gazeta

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