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Will there be a new Christmas hit?  Andziaks recorded a song, but opinions are divided.  “Auto-tune entered”

Will there be a new Christmas hit? Andziaks recorded a song, but opinions are divided. “Auto-tune entered”

Andziaks, one of the most popular Polish influencers, surprised her fans with a Christmas surprise. She decided to try her hand at music and has just released her first single. However, the opinions of the celebrity’s fans are divided.

Andziaks, or Angelika Trochonowicz, is one of the most popular in Poland. She has over 995,000 followers on Instagram. people, and her films enjoy unflagging popularity. In 2023, Andziaks and her husband, Luka, won the “Azja Express” program broadcast on TVN. Angelika does not hide the fact that she loves the holidays, and her Christmas vlogs are something that most Internet users associate her with. He also likes to surprise, but Internet users do not always evaluate it positively. This was the case with the release of an Advent calendar with candles for PLN 699. Now she decided to surprise her fans and recorded a Christmas single.

Andziaks surprised her fans. “I released a Christmas song!”

Andziaks decided to surprise her fans even before. She joined the group of other influencers who decided to try their hand at the music industry. On Thursday, November 30, her first single, “Magic Time”, debuted online. Since the premiere of the music video, in which Angelika also appeared with her family, including her husband and daughter, it has already been watched by over half a million viewers.

A month ago I would never have believed it. I released a Christmas song!

– Andziaks on Instagram.

The “Queen of Vlogmas” recorded a Christmas hit. Fans divided

Under the video published on YouTube and in the comments on Instagram, there were congratulations and admiration not only for the Internet celebrity’s musical debut, vocals and music video, but also for her musical talent. However, not everyone liked the execution. There is no shortage of harsh criticism on social media.

Andziaks’ fans mainly note the large amount of auto-tune in the song, which makes it sometimes difficult to recognize her natural voice. And Internet users know Andziaks’ voice well, as she has sung in vlogs before. There are also comments accusing her of being similar to other influencers entering the music market, such as Wersow.

The queen of vlogmas recorded a Christmas song, it couldn’t be better

It made me cry, you sing wonderfully, keep doing it. I get chills listening to this

The most beautiful Christmas song I’ve ever heard.


Am I the only one who can’t hear her voice?

Auto-tune went well. A simple song and a childish voice, but catchy and some people will like it

Source: Gazeta

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