Classical music before a pop-rock concert? Topics such as For Elisha by Beethoven And Air from Suite No. 3 in D major by Bach what they were for determine the theatrical atmosphere of the show by the Venezuelan singer Lasso offered on the evening of Wednesday, November 29 at the Guayaquil Convention Center, sharp, from 8 p.m.

The compositions of the masters accompanied the exhibition on stage of the portrait of a woman mysteriously named Eva and it is suddenly stolen. To the surprise of the audiencethe chase is forwarded to the gigantic screens between the alleged thief’s alarms in real time and culminates in a masked man revealing his face to prove his innocence: Lasso.

Photo: The universe

From that moment on, the presence of the 35-year-old singer-songwriter, whose real name is Andrés Vicente Lazo Uslar, took over the space. The energy of the hundreds of fans who gathered to see it also made it impossible distinguish which song was more successful than the other: they were all sung with the same enthusiasm.

Unknowingly, that power earned them a new record in the artist’s quest to find the city that screams the loudest during his tour. See you tonight, Madrid led with 118 decibels, but the crowd in the Pearl of the Pacific surpassed them with 120 decibels.

Photo: The universe

“Guayaquil is ready for the best night of your life”Lasso didn’t ask, he said it before starting his extensive repertoire whose performance alternated between using acoustic and electric guitar and just a microphone.

As he also explained, the staging behind him and his musicians represented the museum of his life. “Here are my enemies, my exes, my friends, everyone is here in this museum and, in theory, on the day of Today I would like to introduce Guayaquil to the love of my life, Eva. But one of you stole the painting“, he joked before making way for a video call (probably not live) with the Colombian Sebastian Yatra whose intervention excited the audience even more.

Not a single hit was left out in the 2-hour show: Let’s go to my rhythm, Kamikaze, Plastic, Don’t stop dancing, God, A million like you, I see you, I hate that I don’t hate you, Happy for you, Souvenir. “You come in here with a broken heart, but you leave happy.” the Latin Grammy winner celebrated midway through the show.

The most anticipated was undoubtedly the ballad Until that day And success Brown eyes, reserved until almost the end.

However, as he had already announced exclusively to this newspaper, Lasso Guayaquil gave the live premiere of his new song, everything comes back.

Lasso promised to return with more music in 2024. We’ll stay until that day.