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I bought too tight winter shoes.  Here’s how I managed to stretch them so quickly

I bought too tight winter shoes. Here’s how I managed to stretch them so quickly

Winter shoes too tight? I have a solution. Leather models often need to be taken apart and broken down. These three tricks helped me do it quickly. After using them, the shoes will be more comfortable and flexible. Check it yourself.

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Have you ever bought one that turned out to be a bit tight? It may not be a matter of size itself, but the fact that leather winter models often need some time to break in. This is exactly what happened when I recently ordered shoes. However, the weather outside is not pleasant, so I wanted to speed up the process of stretching the shoes.

If you want to stretch your shoes quickly, use thick socks

New ones first I put my shoes on over thick socks, or even a double pair of them. I started wearing them around the house. To break in shoes, it is worth activating the entire feet, i.e. moving your toes, climbing on them, walking on your heels. This will allow the shoe to adapt to the shape of our foot.

How to stretch winter shoes? Shutterstock

How to soften shoes? Apply steam or hot air

Another way is to use steam to soften the skin. The shoe should be placed over its source so that the water vapor penetrates into the shoes. Contact with moisture will soften the leather and make them much more comfortable. However, using steam can be risky. To warm up your shoes, you can also use the hot air from a hair dryer.

How to break in shoes quickly?How to break in shoes quickly? Shutterstock

Ice will break down your shoes faster. Make room in the freezer

The last method I tried is to use low temperature and ice. I put the breakfast bags filled with water inside the shoes, and then I placed the shoes in the freezer. Under the influence of negative temperature, they increased their volume and slightly stretched the skin.

How to soften leather shoes?How to soften leather shoes? Shutterstock

The combination of these methods allowed me to initially soften my winter shoes. Before you apply them, remember that using hot steam and the freezer method may damage the shoes. Sensitivity is important here. The safest way is definitely to break in your shoes at home.

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