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How much does Danuta Holecka earn?  It pays off to work for TVP’s “Wiadomosci”.

How much does Danuta Holecka earn? It pays off to work for TVP’s “Wiadomosci”.

How much does Danuta Holecka earn?  It pays off to work for TVP’s “Wiadomosci”.

The last few years have been extremely difficult for TVP. The hosts of “Wiadomości” Danuta Holecka, Micha³ Adamczyk, Edyta Lewandowska and Marta Kielczyk could count on generous remuneration. However, recent NIK inspections indicated numerous irregularities in the employment of individual people.

The main faces of “Wiadomości” have become a symbol of TVP over the last eight years. Danuta Holecka, Micha³ Adamczyk, Edyta Lewandowska and now Marta Kielczyk used their faces to advertise “Good Change” and the PiS government, which rewarded TVP with generous subsidies from the budget.

How much could you earn for running “Wiadomości”? The sums are considerable, and according to the report of the Supreme Audit Office, some of the contracts were concluded incorrectly (the moment they were signed, they became retroactive, which is inconsistent with copyright and labor law). Onet received the remuneration due to the hosts of “Wiadomości”.

The presenters of “Wiadomości” can count on significant salaries

The vast majority of Poles can only dream of such salaries. The presenters received several dozen thousand zlotys a month for being the main face of “Wiadomości”. How much exactly – this is what the editorial team managed to find out. The presenters are employed on the basis of multi-month contracts and can earn up to over half a million zlotys annually.

According to Onet, Danuta Holecka’s service was the best valued. For running approximately 10-11 main editions of “Wiadomości”, he earns up to PLN 50,000 net per month. Michał Adamczyk is slightly “cheaper” – his services in “Wiadomości” and “Starcia Zone” were valued at PLN 47,000. According to Onet’s information, Edyta Lewandowska and Marta Kielczyk are the cheapest for TVP – their monthly program was valued at “only” PLN 40,000 net. As we read in Wirtualne Media, this is only part of the amount that TVP employees can count on – there are also bonuses.

What’s next for Danuta Holecka on TVP?

The upcoming change of power in Poland will also mean profound changes for Telewizja Polska, which has been politicized in recent years. Although rank-and-file employees probably have nothing to fear, the faces of news programs who relayed government propaganda without blinking an eye may be concerned about the coming revolution. For now, however, TVP is keeping a cool head and putting on a good face for a bad game. When asked by “Fakt” whether Danuta Holecka – the head of “Wiadomości” – has anything to fear, Telewizja Polska replied unequivocally:

The company does not plan to end cooperation with editor Danuta Holecka – it was announced in a press release.

Let us add that contracts concluded with TVP employees most likely also contain provisions on premature termination of the contract at the initiative of one of the parties. Typically, this situation involves additional costs if the employer terminates the contract prematurely. In short, a change of government at TVP may cost us – taxpayers and subscribers – double, because we will all pay the penalty for premature termination of the contract.

Source: Gazeta

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