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Salt on the eye?  None of these things.  Stick to the “spoon rule” and sauerkraut will be incredibly delicious

Salt on the eye? None of these things. Stick to the “spoon rule” and sauerkraut will be incredibly delicious

How much salt is needed for pickling cabbage so that it turns out properly pickled and tasty? It is an ingredient of many dishes in Polish cuisine, but not everyone knows how to properly pickle it. How much salt should be added per 10 kg?

Sauerkraut is healthy and extremely tasty. It is an ingredient of stuffings, salads and main dishes. It would seem that its preparation is very simple, but this is not entirely true. How much salt should you add to sauerkraut to make it perfect?

Are you planning to start pickling cabbage? How much salt should I add per 10 kg to make it tasty?

Do you want to start your adventure with pickles, but you don’t know how to go about it? We are in a hurry to help. If you are wondering how much pickling salt you should add to get it perfectly pickled, remember that maintaining the proportions is very important. It is assumed that 1 tablespoon of salt should be added to 1 kg of cabbage, so 10 tablespoons of salt should be added to 10 kg of shredded cabbage. Both special salt for preserves and Himalayan or Kłodawa salt are suitable for pickling cabbage.

Why is it worth eating sauerkraut? Pickles are a source of valuable nutritional values

Pickles are extremely healthy. They support digestive processes and the circulatory system, have a beneficial effect on the condition of our skin, contain potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamin C, and normalize blood cholesterol levels. Additionally, they support the immune system, which is why they are especially recommended in the autumn and winter, when we are exposed to an increased risk of infections and diseases. They also contain a number of probiotics and antioxidants that influence the body’s immunity. You can pickle cabbage, root, onion and legume vegetables, but also fruits such as plums, pears and lemons.

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