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John Cleese is a Danish citizen.  “We killed a man”

John Cleese is a Danish citizen. “We killed a man”

John Cleese has long been opposing political correctness that is too exaggerated – in his opinion. In the last interview, the comedian surprised again, but with something different. He admitted that the films with his participation contributed to the death of the viewer. Cleese added that he felt guilty.

The 84-year-old artist is a legend of British comedy, and he started organizing comedy shows while studying law at the University of Camrbidge. Later, together with a friend from university and several other friends, he founded the legendary group Monty Python, thanks to whose work he gained fame all over the world.

John Cleese and company killed an audience member during the film! The Dane had a fit of laughter

Currently, the actor is mainly associated with controversial statements in which he directly opposes the politeness of certain elements in culture, which is related to the current political correctness in public space.

In addition to such cult productions as “Żywot Briana” or “Hotel Zacisze”, he also produced the comedy film “A Fish Called Wanda”, in which four criminals plan a robbery of a jewelry store. The production premiered in 1988, and Cleese was responsible for the script, but also played one of the roles in it.

The comedian played one of the main roles in it – the lawyer of one of the villains, Archie Leach, whom the titular Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis) tries to seduce. In this way, the woman wanted to find out where her partner named George (Tom Georgeson) hid the diamonds.

In a recent interview for “The Dinosaur Hour” on GB News, Cleese shared the shocking information that one of the viewers, who went to the cinema especially to see this film, died of a heart attack caused by a fit of laughter during the screening of “A Fish Called Wanda”.

Kevin Kline and I killed a man in Denmark. He was a dentist, he had a powerful laugh. Famous throughout the area. It was in Aarhus, not a very big city, everyone knew him there. He went to watch “Wanda” and started laughing. And he laughed for about two minutes, and he never stopped. They carried him out dead. He had a heart attack, Cleese said.

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