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Nothing from the broth is wasted.  Then I have two days’ worth of vegetables and meat

Nothing from the broth is wasted. Then I have two days’ worth of vegetables and meat

What to do with vegetables from broth? Many people have no idea how to reuse them. However, they don’t have to end up in the garbage. Find out what to do with vegetables and meat and you will never do otherwise again.

is a popular soup that regularly appears on Polish tables. Some people cannot imagine a Sunday without an aromatic, essential brew. To achieve this effect, we usually put a large amount of vegetables and several types of meat into the pot. What to do later with such additions to the broth? You don’t have to throw them in the trash! There are clever ways you can use them.

What can you make with cooked vegetables from broth? Use them for another soup

Not everyone realizes that already cooked vegetables from the broth can be used to prepare another soup. In this case, we are talking about a simple, popular vegetable dish that, when properly seasoned, is nutritious and tastes good to practically everyone. You can also eat this vegetable soup in autumn and winter. If many vegetables are not available, you can choose frozen foods, which, contrary to appearances, often have good ingredients. This soup perfectly warms up and provides the body with large amounts of vitamins. Just cut the vegetables from the broth and add them to a pot full of other products at the end of cooking the soup (they are already soft enough). Leek, celery, parsley and even onion will work well, among others. Finally, you can also whiten the broth with cream.

What can you make with broth meat? We have a solution for this too

You can also use the broth meat to prepare another dish. Just marinate the chicken parts, roast them in the oven and serve for dinner with potatoes or rice and your favorite salad, beetroot, etc. In addition, you can separate various types of meat from the bones and prepare goulash with vegetables. Such tricks are a great way to live a zero-waste lifestyle. Nothing will be wasted, the family will be full, and you will save money – with little work.

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