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Maryla Rodowicz will sing on New Year’s Eve.  “There was such a proposal”

Maryla Rodowicz will sing on New Year’s Eve. “There was such a proposal”

Maryla Rodowicz is one of the stars who have been singing on New Year’s Eve for several dozen years. The singer is a star on various television stations. Who will he sing with this year?

The fate of TVP’s Dreams hangs in the balance. Telewizja Polska cannot reach an agreement with the Zakopane authorities regarding the organization of the event and the division of costs related to the construction of the stage and the invitation of artists. The highlanders do not intend to pay.

In all this chaos, one thing remains certain. she will perform again on New Year’s Eve, because this event simply cannot take place without her.

Maryla Rodowicz says that she received an offer to perform on New Year’s Eve

l Maryla Rodowicz admitted that she received an offer to appear from TVP many months ago. Let us remind you that the singer spent New Year’s Eve 2022/2023 with Polsat at the New Year’s Eve Power of Hits. This year she says that no one from Polsat contacted her – unlike Telewizja Polska:

I don’t know the case. There were no offers from Polsat. (From TVP) there was such a proposal already in January this year – Maryla Rodowicz told Bartosz Pańczyk.

Unfortunately, the enigmatic answer does not allow us to say with 100% certainty at which event Maryla Rodowicz will finally sing. There is no doubt that she will do it – New Year’s Eve cannot take place without her. For now, however, all cards are in play, and the diva herself has not rejected any option yet.

“Defreezing” by Maryla Rodowicz

Maryla Rodowicz has enjoyed unflagging popularity in Poland for decades. He also already has the safe status of a star who can say whatever he wants, and regardless of politics, he will later receive numerous offers to perform. She also realizes that her performances on New Year’s Eve are a must-see. And just as we “unfreeze” Mariah Carey for the holidays, Maryla is “unfreezed” for December 31st. The singer is aware of the joke circulating about her and signs it herself. In 2019, in an interview with Plejada, she admitted that “unfreezing” was quite fun for her:

There are such memes about me on the Internet that they are already thawing me, because New Year’s Eve is approaching and it is very funny. These memes make me laugh so much that an advertising spot was created based on them, she said.

Source: Gazeta

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