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Sunat Guide: How to bring your Black Friday purchases from the US to Peru?

Sunat Guide: How to bring your Black Friday purchases from the US to Peru?

Review the recommendations to correctly import your purchases of less than US$2,000, either when entering them as luggage or when making purchases online.

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On Friday, November 24, Black Friday is celebrated in USA, inaugurating the Christmas shopping season with various offers. It is an opportunity to purchase a wide range of products through e-commerce platforms or, if it is possible to travel, buy in person to bring them to the country.

To ensure uncomplicated entry of products to Peruwith a value of less than US$ 2,000, the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT) offers the following recommendations.

Entry into the country through luggage

For those citizens who buy abroad and wish to bring their products when returning to Peru, the following guidelines should be considered:

  • Each passenger can carry goods for personal use and gifts with a value not exceeding US$500, not intended for commerce. You can consult the regulations at
  • Two cell phones and one laptop are allowed tax-free entry. It is recommended to register these equipment at the Customs office located in the International Arrivals Hall before the return flight.
  • Medicines and medical equipment require prior authorization from DIGEMID, which is processed online through or via VUCE at /public/login-options/restricted-goods.

It should be noted that products with a value of up to US$200 are tax exempt when entering the country through the national postal service (SERPOST) or fast delivery companies (Courier).

Online shopping

Before buying products from abroad, it is important to visit to find out about the goods whose import into the country is prohibited, such as used auto parts or foreign drinks with the name “pisco”.

Also, verify which products require authorization from other entities for entry:

  • Smartphones and cell phones: Although most are approved by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC), you must enter and ListRequests to ensure that they have the approval certificate.
  • Medicines and medical equipment: They require prior authorization from the General Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs (DIGEMID), which can be processed online through or via VUCE at https://
  • Food and beverages for marketing: They need authorization from the General Directorate of Environmental Health (DIGESA).

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