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The “Farmer Wants a Wife” participant did not notice that she was talking into the microphone.  Everything was recorded

The “Farmer Wants a Wife” participant did not notice that she was talking into the microphone. Everything was recorded

The new edition of “The Farmer Wants a Wife” is in full swing. Farmers invited their potential partners to their family homes. One of the participants took revenge for her lack of experience with television.

“” is getting started on TVP. We have already met all the candidates for the hearts of farmers who are looking for love in the program. It’s time to visit family homes. However, one of Waldemar’s girlfriends forgot that she had a microport with a microphone attached to her clothes.

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Ewa comments on Waldemar’s other chosen ones

A visit to a farmer’s farm is an integral part of every season of “The Farmer Wants a Wife”. This is where the candidates (or candidates) meet the parents of a single farmer, see his farm and have the opportunity to test themselves in some work. They also compete with the other chosen ones for a place in the farmer’s heart, because only a few are invited to the farm. Three women came to Waldemar – Anna, Dorota and Ewa. The former couldn’t refrain from making malicious comments, which was picked up by the microphones ubiquitous in the show.

Anna, forgetting that she was not at a private party, but in a national program broadcast on Public Television, allowed herself a few jokes towards the competitors and the mother of the “chosen one”. When Eva appeared on the horizon, coming towards them, Anna discreetly said to Dorota: “Our Britney Spears, action, action, attention… f***, we have an Oscar, we have an Oscar, I’m telling you.” There were also comments about the woman’s page: “But go… To the countryside, f***? He has to show up“.

And although it is inappropriate to comment on the behavior of a potential future mother-in-law, Anna did not hold back here either. “But I see that his mother is just like a girl, so she better smile, because don’t approach me without a stick,” the woman concluded.

Anna has reasons to be concerned, because she is not Waldemar’s favorite. He realizes that Ewa has the greatest chance to win the farmer’s heart. Viewers also have a similar opinion. They do not predict a future for Waldemar, neither with Anna nor with Dorota.

I am disgusted by the behavior of two participants who are gossiping about Ewa. I know these malicious comments from personal experience, I have often met such people in my life. Deceit and jealousy are already visible in the eyes. I think Waldemar will say goodbye to them very soon…

And these two vipers in the garden and their hissing… I hope Waldek will get to know each other, they have no class and culture like Ewa – we read.

Source: Gazeta

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