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Sanah’s fans outraged by the prices of tickets to the artist’s concerts: Soon you will have to take a loan for tickets

Sanah’s fans outraged by the prices of tickets to the artist’s concerts: Soon you will have to take a loan for tickets

After finishing the stadium tour, Sanah returns to slightly more intimate concerts. In March 2024, the artist will visit clubs and philharmonic halls in nine Polish cities. Fans were speechless when they saw how much they would have to pay for their favorite artist’s performance.

On September 22, she finished her stadium tour. She was the first Polish artist to fill the largest venues in our country with a solo repertoire. The interest in the singer’s concerts is so great that just two weeks later she announced another tour.

Sanah announced her next tour. Where will the artist perform?

This time Sanah will return to smaller venues and more intimate concerts. The artist announces the “Bajkowa Sanah” tour with the slogan “Poetry and more”, which suggests that apart from the singer’s newest songs, fans will be able to hear other hits during the performances. The route will start on March 5, 2024 in Tarnów and end on May 6 in Szczecin. Sanah will play in nine Polish cities.

Just two days after ticket sales started, Sanah announced that all concerts on the upcoming tour were already sold out. There were many complaints in the comments under the artist’s posts. Fans are calling for additional performance dates and are dissatisfied with the lack of their hometowns on the schedule. However, the biggest outrage was caused by ticket prices. The cheapest ticket to Sanah’s upcoming concerts cost PLN 399, the most expensive one cost PLN 200 more.

Sanah fans outraged by ticket prices: I’ve never seen anything like this before

“These prices are a disaster”, “She went crazy with the prices”, “Hello, this is Poland, not Chicago, not London”, “I wonder who can afford this concert”, “We won’t see each other, ticket prices are some kind of paranoia, I feel sorry for the kids , whose parents do not have the prime minister’s fortune”, “Someone is seriously out of touch here”, “Shocking ticket prices. I have never seen such prices for Polish artists before”, “Soon you will have to take out a loan for these concerts” – we read in the comments. Sanah’s fans emphasize that they paid much less for concerts of foreign artists, e.g. Pearl Jam or Hans Zimmer. “At this price, I bought tickets to see Lady Gaga in Paris, and not the cheapest ones,” writes one of the commenters.

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