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Ma³gorzata Daniszewska is dead.  Jerzy Urban’s widow died on the anniversary of her husband’s death

Ma³gorzata Daniszewska is dead. Jerzy Urban’s widow died on the anniversary of her husband’s death

Jerzy Urban’s widow, journalist Małgorzata Daniszewska, died. “Goodbye, Gosia” – wrote the weekly “NIE” on social media.

According to media reports, Małgorzata Daniszewska, widow of Jerzy Urban and owner of the weekly “NIE”, died on Tuesday, October 3. The journalist was 68 years old, she died exactly one year after her husband. The information was confirmed by Waldemar Kuchanny, the editor-in-chief of the weekly “NIE”.

Małgorzata Daniszewska is dead

“When Jerzy Urban died on October 3, 2022, all of his shares in URMA, which publishes the weekly ‘NIE’, were taken over. The company was also run by a new president – Daniszewska’s daughter, Marta Miecińska,” reports “Press”.

Kuchanny himself dedicated a Facebook post to Daniszewska’s memory. “On the first anniversary of Jerzy Urban’s death, Gosia Daniszewska, Urban’s wife, owner and publisher of the weekly “NIE”, died. In the editorial office, by analogy to Urban-Dad, she was called Mommy. They were an extraordinary couple and loved each other very much. Together they created and edited the weekly. Marcie my sincere condolences,” he wrote.

Who was Małgorzata Daniszewska?

Małgorzata Daniszewska was previously the editor-in-chief of the monthly “Zły”, and then worked as the publisher and editor-in-chief of the “Art & Business” magazine, although during her marriage she also helped Jerzy Urban in working on the weekly “NIE”.

In 1983, at the age of 33, Daniszewska met 55-year-old Jerzy Urban. – Of course, I knew who Jerzy Urban was, but we met for the first time at a party with “Polityka” journalist Zbyszek Rykowski, to which Jerzy came with his second wife. And immediately it was as if lightning had struck us! It was probably the chemistry that scientists are now writing about. It just happened between us and we attacked each other. Because to me this guy was super attractive. He had the right mouth and was good in bed. And what letters he wrote to me! Why am I not surprised, because he was a writer. I received several every day – she said in 2013 in an interview for “”.

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