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Martyniuk says that she had the hardest job in Poland.  “There should be a pension after 15 years”

Martyniuk says that she had the hardest job in Poland. “There should be a pension after 15 years”

Few people know what Zenon Martyniuk’s wife did before. Before becoming a celebrity, Danuta Martyniuk performed a profession that, as she admitted years later, was “the most difficult in our country”.

Danuta Martyniuk has been present in the media for almost four decades, mainly thanks to her husband, Zenon Martyniuk, known as the king of disco polo. Over recent years, the wife of the singer of the band Akcent has undergone a spectacular metamorphosis. Her life also changed. Although she now likes to appear on walls and industry events, her life was completely different a dozen or so years ago.

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Where did Danuta Martyniuk work years ago? This information may surprise you

Danuta Martyniuk, before becoming a star, worked in a hospital as an oncology nurse. Called the “first lady of disco polo”, she doesn’t mention much about this stage of her life in interviews. However, she made an exception during a conversation with the website. In an interview, she emphasized how hard the work was and how many difficult cases she had dealt with, which made her realize that she needed to enjoy her family’s health and more. She also added that in her opinion, nurses should retire much earlier.

When I worked in oncology, it was really hard. I believe that nurses, like police officers, should retire earlier. Yes, I’m retiring after 15 years, because it is the hardest profession in Poland. I encountered people’s suffering. I realized that you have to be happy that you have a healthy family, because I have seen a lot of tragedies. Mothers of small children were dying.

Danuta Martyniuk about her profession. She raised the issue of nurses’ salaries

Zenon Martyniuk’s wife also raised the issue of wages, which, in her opinion, are low and inadequate to the duties performed. In the same interview with the website, she explained:

Nurses should earn a lot because it is a huge sacrifice, even for families. When you work on duty, you don’t spend the holidays with your family and it’s really hard work. Sometimes the nurse has to think for the doctor. Fulfills these medical orders. […] It’s hard for me to say how much they should earn, but I think it’s ten thousand zlotys.

Source: Gazeta

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