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“New Year’s Eve Dreams” may not take place in Zakopane.  “TVP did not contact us”

“New Year’s Eve Dreams” may not take place in Zakopane. “TVP did not contact us”

Telewizja Polska has been proud of organizing “New Year’s Eve Dreams” in Zakopane for several years. The end of the year is approaching inexorably, and information has come to light that the government television may change the location of the event.

In 2004, Telewizja Polska joined the group of television broadcasters that organize a special musical show on New Year’s Eve. At the beginning, TVP focused on Krakow, £ód¼ or Wrocław, but for several years the venue of the event has been Zakopane, of which the owners of the national media are very proud.

TVP’s New Year’s Eve will not take place in Zakopane? There is a response from the City Hall

Although the performers who perform at “New Year’s Eve” are not always liked by Internet users, the show enjoys great viewership. Last year, 4.4 million viewers sat in front of their TV sets and spent the last evening of the year listening to disco polo rhythms on TVP2. However, for several weeks now there have been rumors on the Internet that this year’s New Year’s Eve may take place in a different town.

A journalist from Radio Eska decided to ask about the details and managed to talk to a specialist in the department of physical culture and social communication of the Zakopane City Hall. During the conversation, she revealed that no talks are being held at the moment, pointing out that there are only a little over two months left until New Year’s Eve.

No talks are ongoing yet. The main organizer, i.e. Polish Television, has not contacted us yet. I think we have to wait until the elections, then everything will be decided, but if Telewizja Polska has any plans, such a conversation with the mayor will probably take place soon – said Agata Pacelt-Mikler from the Zakopane City Hall.

The official also said that the city of Zakopane is still interested in co-organizing the event, but there were some opposing voices from some residents. The final decision is to be made by Telewizja Polska. – This is at the level of the president of television and the mayor of Zakopane. The previous events have been very successful, so we are interested in New Year’s Eve, although of course we also have some opposing opinions. However, the decision depends largely on Telewizja Polska – she said.

Source: Gazeta

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