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He is 26 years old, she is 80. “She is so young in spirit that age does not bother us”

He is 26 years old, she is 80. “She is so young in spirit that age does not bother us”

The story of their love was described by the British daily “the Sun”. Gary Hardwick married his bride, Almeda, then 71, when he was only 17 years old. 9 years have passed since then, and Almeda recently celebrated its 80th birthday. The couple runs a joint Instagram account, so Gary’s entry on this occasion also appeared there. In it he called his wife “the love of his life.”

Gary Hardwick met Almeda at the turn of 2014 and 2015, at her son’s funeral. Two weeks later they got married. The ceremony took place in Tennessee, where they are both from. “The Sun” writes that the wedding was modest and the couple invited only their closest relatives. They have been sharing their life together with their followers on TikTok and Instagram for some time now – although the platform recently removed some of the content they shared, labeling it inappropriate.

Despite everything, they managed to gain over 50,000 followers on TikTok. Regardless of the age difference, they both claim to be very much in love with each other. – We went through ups and downs together and always overcame them. Looking back, it really only made us stronger – Gary’s words are quoted by “The Sun”.

He is 26 years old, she is 80. “Every day you make me the happiest man”

The tabloid notes that his current wife is not Gary’s oldest partner. Hardwick previously dated a 77-year-old woman. “Almeda is so young in spirit that age doesn’t bother us, we never really think about it. I only know that God answered my prayers the day she came into my life,” Gary wrote in one of his Instagram posts.

Hardwick is currently 26 years old, his wife – 80. In a birthday post on Instagram, the man wished his wife and then wrote:

I am the happiest husband because I get to wake up next to you every day. Every day you make me the happiest man, and I want you to always be the happiest woman

– we read. “You are truly the love of my life and I love you with every beat of my heart,” he added. Any entries on couples’ accounts usually arouse a lot of emotions and reactions. This time was no different.

Congratulations! Happiness and many years of life together!

Happy birthday, queen

Congratulations! We miss seeing you more often here and on other social media!

– Internet users write.

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