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Horror films from the 80s – a list of 10 classic films that will be perfect not only for Halloween

Horror films from the 80s – a list of 10 classic films that will be perfect not only for Halloween

Horror films from the 1980s are great productions that everyone eagerly returns to. Old horror films can arouse anxiety in viewers, presenting the cruelest and most terrifying bogeymen that haunt the lives of the heroes of the stories presented. Check out the list of the best horror films from this period, but be careful because it is better not to watch these productions alone.

Horror movies from the 80s are worth watching – for Halloween and beyond

Feel the unique atmosphere and let yourself be drawn into the scariest horror films from the 1980s. The productions created during this period are stories that include cult slashers and classic horror films, perfect for an evening full of strong impressions. Find out what to choose for Halloween and a dark time.

“Ghost”, dir. Tobe Hooper (1982)

The Freeling family moves into a new house. However, the heroes’ happiness does not last long. Strange things start to happen around a married couple and their two children: the furniture in the kitchen moves on its own, and a ghostly tree tries to kidnap the family’s son. However, when little Carol is pulled inside the TV, the girl’s parents decide to get help. Parapsychologists arrive at the house and conclude that the place is haunted by a ghost.

“Something”, dir. John Carpenter (1982)

A story set in a base in Antarctica. A group of researchers find a dog that is taken into their care. However, the animal behaves quite suspiciously, and it soon comes to light that the adorable dog’s body has been taken over by an alien life form. The heroes decide to prevent the alien from getting out of the base. However, they are not sure whether any of them have already been infected.

“A Nightmare on Elm Street”, dir. Wes Craven (1984)

Nancy (played by Heather Langenkamp) has nightmares about the terrifying Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund). The bogeyman, equipped with bladed gloves, tries to catch her in her sleep and kill her. Freddy Krueger was once accused of killing dozens of children. The local population brought him to justice themselves by setting the murderer on fire. Soon Nancy’s best friend is killed. The heroine believes that the perpetrator of this crime is the man from her nightmares.

“Pet Sematary”, dir. Mary Lambert (1989)

A young couple, the Creeds, and their two children move to a house located on a busy road with trucks constantly passing by. One day, the family’s cat dies under the wheels of a speeding vehicle. The animal is buried in an Indian cemetery. The cat is revived and returns home, but its behavior raises concerns. Some time later, the Creeds’ little son also dies on the road. His father cannot come to terms with the tragedy that has befallen the family and decides to bury the child in an Indian cemetery to bring him back to life.

Horror films from the 80s: ranking of the best productions

Do you know the best horror movies from the 80s? The list of the ten most interesting ones is a great idea for a Halloween movie screening. When looking for horror productions that are true classics, do not skip the titles presented in the ranking below. Immerse yourself in the disturbing atmosphere of “The Shining” with the brilliant Jack Nicholson and go on a blood-curdling journey with “Alien – The Final Showdown”. In addition to the cult science-fiction horror film “The Thing”, the list also includes “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, in which the most terrifying dreams are brought to life by the cruel Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund). Check out the complete list of the ten best horror movies from the 1980s.

  • “The Shining”, dir. Stanley Kubrick (1980)
  • “Alien – The Decisive Battle”, dir. James Cameron (1986)
  • “Something”, dir. John Carpenter (1982)
  • “A Nightmare on Elm Street” dir. Wes Craven (1984)
  • “Mucha”, dir. David Cronenberg (1986)
  • “Evil Dead”, Sam Raimi, (1981)
  • “Ghost”, dir. Tobe Hooper (1982)
  • “Hellraiser: Hellraiser”, dir. Clive Barker (1987)
  • “Friday the 13th”, dir. Sean S. Cunningham (1980)
  • “Pet Sematary”, dir. Mary Lambert (1989)

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