The mayor of Burriana, the ‘popular’ Jorge Monferrer Daudí, has assured that “books will not be censored or removed from shelves” of the municipal library, where “exactly the same content remains and will continue to exist.

The first councilor of the Castellón town has stated that he does not share the statements of his Councilor for Culture, Jesús Albiol, from Vox, who ordered to immediately remove all LGTBI-themed books with “sexual content” from the children’s and youth area of ​​the municipal library to “protect minors from pornographic” and “scandalous” content.

Monferrer Daudí has ​​stated in a statement that the City Council “will govern for everyone, without distinction and any type of exclusionno one is going to be discriminated against because of their way of thinking or their way of feeling”, and that the municipal government of PP and Vox “will always comply with the law.”

According to Monferrer, they are focused “on the daily problems of the residents and on the meeting points of the parties that make up the government team for the benefit of Burriana,” and the local government has “a clear roadmap and a vision of the future.” for the municipality.”