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Only three ingredients!  That’s all you need to make your home smell like never before.  And it’s cheap

Only three ingredients! That’s all you need to make your home smell like never before. And it’s cheap

We can spend a lot of money on this product. And it turns out that you can easily make it yourself. And it’s cheap. You only need three ingredients, which are found in virtually every home.

We can make a lot of products from home products. Many people do not know that even waste, such as coffee grounds or orange or banana peels, can replace various artificial detergents that we usually buy in stores. Apart from them, we most often use vinegar, lemon juice, salt or baking soda. It is the latter that will be useful for our alternative product.

Why spend a dozen or so zlotys every month when you can choose not to

I guess everyone has an air freshener. It is useful both when we need to combat an unpleasant odor and on an everyday basis to simply make the house smell nice. The selection in stores can be dizzying. There are several or a dozen companies on the shelves, and each of them offers several types of air fresheners, each with many scents. Some work better, others worse, and we test this effect, often leaving the store several or even several dozen zlotys lighter. And so on average once a month.

Three ingredients and your house will smell like never before

It turns out that it may be completely useless, because we can make such a freshener ourselves at home. In addition, from products that we probably already have in stock. The only thing we may not have is essential oil. However, it costs just a few zlotys and is enough for many uses. Therefore, we pour any amount of oil into the sprayer depending on our preferences, a glass of water and half a teaspoon of baking soda. Close the bottle and mix everything thoroughly. That’s really it.

Such a home air freshener has the advantage that we can decide exactly what and how strong the scent we want to get. Moreover, it is ecological and does not irritate the respiratory tract. And it costs literally pennies. Therefore, it is definitely worth trying to prepare such a product yourself.

Source: Gazeta

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