Actress Angelina Jolie gave a candid interview to Vogue magazine in which she addressed various topics including her new fashion project, depression, and the positive influence of her children on her life.

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To illustrate the interview, the actress starred in an impressive photo session shot by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. In the pictures shared on the magazine’s Instagram account, you can see the actress in different outfits related to her latest project: Atelier Jolie.

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What did Angelina Jolie say about her children?

As a proud mother of six children, Angelina revealed that motherhood is her salvation and gives her a unique perspective on life.

“I was 26 years old when I became a mother. My life has completely changed. Being a mother saved me and taught me to see the world in a different way. “I think I would have fallen into a much deeper darkness recently if it weren’t for my children,” he mentioned.

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In the interview, Jolie also pointed out that she considers her children superior to her. “They are better than me because you want your children to be better. Of course, I am their mother and I hope to be that safe and stable place for them. “But I’m also someone they laugh at and I see them take on so many different aspects of our family,” he said.

Likewise, the actress said that she went through moments of depression and that at the age of 48, she is still in the process of discovering who she is.

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“I guess I’m in a transition phase as a person. “I feel like, in a way, I haven’t been myself for a decade,” Jolie said, not referring directly to Brad Pitt. In addition, he noted that the entire family has faced difficulties in recent years and that they are still working on finding a balance.

Angelina Jolie’s children in her fashion project

In the same interview with the prestigious magazine, Angelina shared that two of her six children, Pax and Zahara, are very involved in her new fashion project called Atelier Jolier, which will be launched next November.

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With this initiative, the Oscar ceremony officially enters fashion. It aims to highlight the work of tailors and promote sustainability in an industry “saturated with consumerism”, as she herself emphasized.

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Jolie admitted that there are more books in her closet than clothes and that she is not someone who likes to spend her life on clothes. In addition, it wants to promote a more conscious and sustainable perspective.

Regarding Pax and Zahara’s involvement, Angelina commented that she found it funny that they were involved because, in her opinion, she and her children are not very “helpful” people.

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However, since clothing is an important part of their lives, he considers it something relevant and worth exploring, especially for young people.

Jolie sees the fashion studio as a place she would like to take her family, where they can ask themselves if her clothes really represent them and if they love her.

Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie together on a mother-child outing with Valentina Paloma and Pax

For the actress, this project was catharsis and a kind of therapy. Working in a creative space with people she trusts allowed her to rediscover herself and look forward to positive changes in her life, as she stated.

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Zahara and Pax, your great support

Zahara, 18, and Pax, 19, are a great support in this new project. Zahara combines her studies at Spelman College in Atlanta with working with her mother.

For his part, Pax has become her right-hand man and accompanies her on constant visits to Atelier Jolie in Manhattan’s Soho district. He was even responsible for directing one of the behind-the-scenes videos of the shoot, which was shared on Vogue’s Instagram account. (AND)

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